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I just decided to go with the Virgin Mobile iPhone promotion, as it was pretty attractive… You can buy any iPhone from their website, or at an Apple Store. This qualifies you to have a year of cellular service with unlimited voice, text and data for $1.00, on an Autopay agreement! After a year, they will start billing you $50 a month for the plan. This is Virgin Mobile re-branding and marketing a prepaid Sprint service with an upfront purchase of an Apple iPhone.

I previously had Verizon, which has better service for this part of the San Francisco Bay Area. But the 2GB data plan and cost of the plan made me want to leave their network. Now I am having my first experience with the Virgin/Sprint network. I am only getting two bars of service here now, sometimes only one bar. With the Verizon network, I would see 3 bars, and usually experience better connectivity, but even still have calls sometimes go straight to voice mail or drop out while on a call. With Virgin/Sprint I have experienced several call disconnections and lesser voice network availability. The unlimited data plan was the strongest attractor for the Virgin plan, as I seem to use data services most of all on my smartphone. For instance, in a trip from San Francisco to southern California and back, your smartphone could use 1 to 2 GB of cellular data.

I purchased an iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black 128GB phone for this promotion (good until July 27, 2017 for the one year unlimited service). My previous phone was an iPhone 6s Plus Space Grey 128GB on Verizon. I purchased the iPhone 7 Plus at the Apple Store, added Apple Care Plus, and a case. I could have traded in my previous iPhone. I would have only received $260 for my iPhone 6s Plus 128GB, so I did not think it was worthwhile to trade-in for this model phone. I ported my number from Verizon to Virgin through the Apple Store during the iPhone purchase process.

I had a Nexus 5 with a Google Fi sim card in it. I decided to transfer the Google Fi sim to the iPhone 6s Plus and use it as my alternate phone on the road, and when I travel internationally.

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