Ubuntu Linux

My older computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista no longer is supported. What can I do?

I am starting to get into OS alternatives, like installing free Ubuntu Linux on an older Windows PC – to give it an entirely new life.

With Ubuntu Linux, there’s one comprehensive software updating system. This is possible because Ubuntu has a centralized repository of applications and the only third-party applications that make it into the main repository are the ones that have been tested by Canonical (the company that produces Ubuntu) and are proven to work with the OS. This means that the Ubuntu main repository doesn’t always have the very latest version of Firefox, for example, but you can be sure that the one it does have will typically install easy, work smoothly, and remain updated automatically. OS updates are issued frequently, and are easily installed.

Linux has most of the equivalent software apps of Mac or Windows, without the cost. Ubuntu’s software apps are handled with an administrator tool called Synaptic Package Manager. From the desktop icons, you can access the Ubuntu Software Center, which is similar to other platforms’ App Store. From a user perspective, the Ubuntu Software Library has a very similar experience to the iPhone App Store or the Android Market. You simply open it up, browse or search through different categories of applications, and download the ones that you want to try. In Linux, Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice and many other free apps are available for download and installation.