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Note 3 Black

Larger, more vibrant HD display and incredible performance make the Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 one of the most advanced smartphones available today.

As the fall approached, as a regular Apple product buyer, I found myself tracking the iPhone 5c and 5s release, and became aware of the Samsung Note II.

Last month was an interesting decision-point for me. I have had every iPhone since the start of the Apple phone line. My two-year contract was up with Verizon, and I had been waiting for the new phone models to be announced and available. I considered getting a white iPhone 5C. I didn’t really care for the iPhone 5S options, because of the fingerprint sensor. (Sorry Big Brother, I am not opting in voluntarily.) I found myself at the point where I would go to a meeting or lunch, and have my iPhone and iPad mini out on the table, and maybe a MacBook Air. This reminded me of a previous time in my life where I had an iPod and a phone, and I was ready to buy a new device — my needs converged into one new device (which was the iPhone at that point). Now, technology has surged forward again.

I had been tracking the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note II, and the impending availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It sounded intriguing, on so many levels. It has 3 GB of memory, while the new iPhones had only 1 GB. The Note 3 surpassed the iPhones in screen resolution (three times the screen resolution on the Samsung device), and higher camera resolution. The user-replaceable battery and internal microSD memory card slot also expand the Samsung capabilities over the Apple offerings.

I was eagerly looking forward to the Samsung Note 3, and have acquired the latest in the new convergence category of the “phablet” (phone plus tablet) form factor.

Samsung inside

There are a lot of things to like about the Note 3. It is the better technology, when comparing it with other standards like the iPhone. The 1920 x 1080 display on the 5.7 inch screen is pretty incredible. The 13 megapixel 4k camera is amazing. The S Pen is a useful and well-integrated tool. The ability to access and change the battery is practical. The internal microSD card reader holds up to 64 GB of additional internal storage. I use that for the music, photo and video media I like to have available on the Note 3, then keep the internal flash memory for video recording, photos and other resources.

I primarily use a Mac mini desktop computer, and have relied on Apple Sync and iCloud to synchronize with my iPhone and iPad mini and other devices. As new devices like the Note 3 come into the mix, there is no built-in support like there is within the Apple eco-system and their branded devices. The Android OS web browsers do not support MobileMe or iCloud services, so they don’t support my email account. The Android OS Email app does support my account and other email accounts, so that enabled me to overcome my objects about me legacy Apple email support. Initially, Best Buy offered to use the Verizon service to transfer the contacts to the Note 3. That process never completed or worked, but Gmail is what allowed the Contacts support and sync.

One thing I have not liked is that there is no Amazon Prime Video app or way to access the 40,000 videos I use to have access to from my iPad mini. This may be a political choice for Amazon to not have an Android app to play Amazon Prime Video, as that would compete with the sales of the Kindle tablets. Because of this policy, I may let go of my Amazon Prime membership. There is Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, YouTube and others that supply videos apps for Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.3, the OS of the Note 3).

In my decision to not buy an iPhone (for the first time in the Apple phone line, choosing not to buy the next iPhone), I am breaking ranks with the loyal Apple fan base. In this case, I am buying the better technology, rather than the latest product of the Apple designer brand.

Note 3

iOS 7 Theme Turbo Launcher

Oh, but surprise, surprise! Some designer has put out an app to emulate iOS7 on the Android OS! It is fun to configure the Note 3 as the biggest iPhone you have ever seen! There are several of these iPhone-emulating apps that have popped up on the Google Play store. The iOS6 look is available too.  So, I let the best technology sway my purchasing decision to the Samsung Galaxy, and have discovered a whole new world (that I can make look like my previous world)!

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