Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard is here, and it runs fast. If you have an Intel Mac, you will benefit from this Mac OS 10.6 upgrade. If you have a PowerPC Mac, Leopard is the last Mac OS for you. Snow Leopard only supports the Intel-based Macs.

I installed Snow Leopard on 2 MacBook Pros and a Mac Pro. Snow Leopard is available from Apple for $49 for the five license version. $29 single user version. Very affordable.

Snow Leopard is working better for all these computers, and twice as fast on startup and shutdown.

The new version solves some Apple Mail problems. I no longer have unexpected crashes in Mail. Mail box contents display immediately.

By installing Rosetta (an additional legacy software installation), I was able to use Adobe CS 2 versions, which have older code. Rosetta might help with the Adobe CS 4 problems mentioned in forums. Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, Keynote, Pages, Fetch, and almost all the programs I have work fine with Snow Leopard.

Here is a good review:

<strong>No need to wait for speedy Snow Leopard</strong> <a href=”” target=”_blank”>By BOB LEVITUS FOR THE CHRONICLE</a>