Solid State Drives

Everyone knows that computers have hard drives in them, to hold the applications that you use, Crucial MX200 SATAand the data that you create.   But why have been people been buying this new media, the SSD, or solid state drive. The SSD is fast memory cells packaged in the same form-factor as a 2.5 inch hard drive, so it is designed to be and upgrade or a replacement for laptop drives.

Sold state drives power your smartphone, your tablet and now, your computer. Most Mac laptops are now solid state. If you buy a MacBook Pro Retina, it has a SSD in it. If you buy the vintage MacBook with DVD drive, it comes with the traditional, slower hard disk.

Older Mac Pro users have had to start up on their relatively slow 3.5 inch hard disks. There is a faster PCI-card solution from Other World Computing that lets you upgrade to a 2.5 inch SSD startup drive, that mounts to the OWC Mercury Accelsior S PCI card. You can choose a Crucial 512GB SSD, although I went for a Crucial 1TB SSD. You want enough room for your applications and data, and enough rendering room for your video editing project. Remeber that if you are using 32GB or 64GB SD cards for HD or UHD video that your are shooting in your DSLR camera, one project could easily fill up the available space on the SSD drive. Rendering a 30GB video file to a hard disk takes 2 hours, but to an SSD the same file takes about 20 minutes, so you can see the productivity advantages of solid state drives.