Computer Make-Over

Every time I update my computer, older applications sometimes stop working. What can I do?

Yes, I know the dance of one-foot-in-the-past and one-foot-in-the-future computing… I travel with my MacBookPro Retina, macOS Sierra – with Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro 7, Microsoft Office Suite, Parallels Desktop, etc. I do production work and editing on my Mac Pro, macOS Yosemite – with the Adobe Premiere CS 6 Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, etc. – and have to keep the production machine on the older OS. Keeping your software investment is a challenge when OS updates sometimes render programs unusable.

I am starting to get into OS alternatives too, like installing free Ubuntu Linux on an older Mac or Windows laptop – to give it an entirely new life. I have also been using Parallels Desktop on the Mac, with Windows and Ubuntu Linux partitions. Linux has most of the equivalent software apps of Mac or Windows, without the cost.

My experience of the Ubuntu Linux install was to download the free distribution to my computer, and make a flash drive installer. After reformatting the hard drive, the Linux installer automatically supported all of the stock Apple Mac mini hardware, keyboard and mouse. The Ubuntu Linux installation included productivity apps, a browser and other apps. It was easy to connect to the internet and download other apps as needed, too. The included Firefox browser did not support watching video, but by downloading Chrome, that problem was resolved. Every once in a while, Linux would announce updates and I would okay it to install them. It was all very straight-forward and easy to use from the start, with enough similarity to Mac or Windows that the user gets the idea of what to do.

I had an older Samsung Netbook NC-10 running Intel Atom and Windows XP. When the Windows OS reached its end-of-life, I installed Windows 7 on it, but it was so slow, the laptop was not desirable to use. Then I wiped out that OS, formatted the disk, and installed Linux Mint, which has been good for that 2GB Netbook. I may try the Ubuntu netbook distribution next, as I like their visual look better.